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help can't log in

I can't log in and when I create a new account I'm stuck. Please help

the game will not work for me. Please help! I really wanna Play!!

can anyone help me i cant login for some reason?


Looks really nice ! How many are you behind this project and how long have you been working on this game ??


Looks good but can't play as I run Linux Mint. I do wonder though, you developing this in C#? And if so, do you use MonoGame?

Looks really fun!

What is your game engine?

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Hi @SharkyMaster187, We are constantly releasing updates to improve the game, have fun :)

ohh i see lol cool, its fun

game don't save options, please fix it. It always started in windowed mode.

also unable to turn off zoom

Hi  @radiopalacz, try choosing a game resolution not higher than your screen resolution. Besides, turn off zoom function is only available for 1024*720 or less resolutions.


From Bitdefender Total Security :
The process E:\itch\gameslibrary\darkstork-onlinee\DarkStorySetup.exe manifests ransomware behavior and was blocked. Several files were encrypted by it and we couldn't automatically restored all of them. You can find the files to be restored below.

The file(s) that were encrypted by the installer:

iconcache_16.db from AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer directory

the file that was encrypted is thumbnail cache for 16x16 sized icons if I am understanding my results correctly.

Hi @Mooncloud, Our client setup was compiled by Inno Setup, We already taked a revision in Virustotal and nothing bad here:

Have fun!

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happened again and same thing. seems happen within one of your patch files in patch 144 or 145 not sure because it closed out too fast and I seen one of those 2. However, this time the encrypted file was it said.

The patch files are not encrypted, these are zip with the update files, if you still having problems I'll recommend to you reinstall the game, We already uploaded a new version of Installer to :)

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that new clientyou all added was installed after uninstalling the old one and it fixed the problem. thanks.

Hello Shadow, Maintenance is over, please log in again.

Can't open the game even though i have the game installed and the app

Execute the game as admin trought the Launcher :).

dont know how to do that

Right Click to Launcher.exe and Execute as Admin.

Eeh... What?

Hi Ash, start the game by the Launcher in order to get the last update.

What version should I be using?

I think the last update was the 139, run the Launcher as admin to get the last update to your client.